Plus Size Tights

I wish I could collaborate with someone on making some plus size tights.  It's one of the major areas that plus size is struggling in.  We have your basics, but those fabulous tights that you see above don't exist for us just yet.  I would also like to have hand in the sizing.  I don't know about you ladies, but it's nearly impossible to find tights that are wide enough in the thighs and long enough at the same time. I feel like if someone can fit me...they can fit anybody. LOL! Anyways, so if you haven't started already, you should be buying your tights now.  As soon as that first winter chill comes through, it sends everyone into a tights frenzy and sizing can be hard to find.  I'm fortunate enough to have tried quite a few pair though my own personal purchases or through the courtesy of hosiery companies.  Out of all these, I have had the best luck with Spanx, Avenue, We Love Colors and Lane Bryant.  

Please note that is my experience with plus size tights.  I am 5'9 and an extreme pear shape with full hips, thighs.