Wide Calf Boots for Fall 2013

So I know y'all have been asking and I am finaaalllllyyy getting around to my picks for wide calf boots for this season.  The choices, style, and design are definitely flourishing for plus sizes.  As it is true for most things plus size, your best bet to find fabulous boots are to find them online.   When you are ordering make sure you have measured you calves with a measuring tape. Personally, I have underestimated my own calf measurements and had to send a pair back.    Not all wide calf boots have the same size shaft.   Boots can be considered wide if they are 16 inches, 20 inches or anywhere in between. It's important to  remember that these aren't the only choices.  Your sure fire places are going to be your plus size retailers, such as, Lane Bryant, Torrid, Ashley Stewart, and I even remember Old Navy having some last winter.   A lot of the department stores, like a Nordstrom, will have wide calf boots, but they will usually be on smaller end of the boot circumference spectrum. So if you have smaller legs/calves you have the option of going in store.  Let me know if you have any questions on where to find a particular style. Happy hunting!