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I know the power of a fabulous looking coat.  Some of our favorite fashion comes from a classic coat scene in the movies.  Think Andy Saks from The Devil Wears Prada and of course our favorite girl, Olivia Pope from Scandal rocks a coat like none other.  During the winter months, your coat is the center point of your look.  It's definitely a piece worth investing in.  

This post is my coat guide for Fall/Winter 2013.  These are my personal favorites thus far and I wanted to give you the highlights on each.  (In order from left to right, top to bottom)

Vince Camuto -- I'm all about the leather detail on coats this season.  I love this one and it looks much better in person than it does online.  Fit is true to size.
Calvin Klein -- This coat is just so smart and bad ass at the same time.  Complete with leather detail and gold zipper details. Fit is true to size.
SimplyBe -- I love anything I can cinch. If you have wide hips and need that flare bottom this is the coat  is for you.  I got this in a 22.  I thought it ran a little big.  I would have probably sized down to a 20.  
DKNY 1 -- This is perfect for those of you that don't live in super cold climates, but still need something for a few months to get you by.  This one really reminds me of Olivia Pope.  I thought both DKNY coats ran small.
Michael Kors -- This one is my favorite of the bunch.  Leather sleeves and the bordeaux color make for an excellent combination. Fits true to size. 
DKNY 2 -- I must say that I thought this coat was going to be more mustard-y from the photo online.  It's a classic wool coat.  The belt has a cute leather detail.  I did think this one ran a little small, especially in the arms. 

Style Note:  I ordered a bunch of coats online to see which I am going to keep. No, I don't buy this many coats per season. I'm gonna keep 3 based on fit and style. I'll keep the Michael Kors, SimplyBe, and Calvin Klein. I just wanted to show you guys all of them in the case that it might help you with your coat decisions. My shoes were apart of my recent "8 Fabulous Flats post." For those with wide feet these have a pretty nice width on them. I may go back and get the red.  You can find my shoes here.  You can find my tights here.  

Update:  Curious about my hair?  I did a quick tutorial at here.  
Plus Size blog, plus size coats, Michael Kors, DKNY

Plus Size blog, plus size coats, Michael Kors

Plus Size blog, plus size coats, DKNY

Plus Size blog, plus size coats, DKNY

Plus Size blog, plus size coats, Vince Camuto

Plus Size blog, plus size coats, Calvin Klein

Plus Size blog, plus size coats, SimplyBe
SimplyBe coat c/o Simplybe.