Why is no one Ready?

Shoxie, Style Pantry, Plus size Dress
I know you guys are gearing up for the holidays and so am I. This is tonight's date night look. My husband loves a "pencil fit."  He even calls it that, because of course he remembers things that he likes and conveniently forgets the thing he doesn't like emptying the dishwasher.  

Please excuse any slow posting.  It's about that time for me to begin holiday cleaning and shopping.  Please note that I will have myself in gear for the Black Friday twitter chat and all the wonderful internet shopping that comes along with it.  Please join me for Black Friday fun, you can find the flyer will all the details here.  Also check some of the awesome sales for Black Friday on the next post.  

Style Note:  In case you were wondering about my shape wear, I have on both the mid thigh shaper and the high waist panty brief courtesy of HookedUp Shapewear.  

Shoxie, Style Pantry, Plus size Dress

Shoxie, Style Pantry, Plus size Dress
Dress - Shoxie, Tights - Donatella's, Wedges - 6pm, Bracelet - H&M, Clutch - Glamour Girl Curves Boutique (Los Angeles), Belt - Eloquii 

Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington, Scandal, Shoxie
I thought it might be fun to add a little Olivia Pope/Kerry Washington fun in on this.  Not an official celebrity capture, but fun just the same.