I Woke Up Like Dis!

Okay well maybe I didn't wake up like this, but I can dream, can't I?  Normally, I would not go this jazzy to concert, but it was Vegas at Christmas time and the fact it look liked one of Beyonce's stage costumes.  I just couldn't resist. Anytime I can walk around in head to toe sequins and it's totally appropriate, I am going for it!!  I totally felt fabulous in this jumpsuit.  It's like the perfect Christmas/Holiday look.  

(This was actually a re-shoot of my Vegas look.  Because I didn't want to lug my camera to the concert, I didn't get any photos besides the one on my Instagram).   

Style Notes:  This is one of those pieces that you hold your breathe on.  It looks stunning on the model, but the combination of being a jumpsuit and the look of structure just looks like a difficult fit.  It actually was pretty right on with the fit, especially for me having not done any alterations.  The jumpsuit has some give, but not a whole lot.  I ordered this during the MonifC Black Friday sale.  In regards to fit, I could have used 2 inches vertically.  Being that I am extremely hip/butt centric, it took some of the length out of the jumpsuit making it difficult to sit.  Apparently it wasn't that hard though, because I sure wore it.  Finally, I must address the "sequin scratchy." Being that it is the holiday season, sequins garments are a-plenty and they can scratch your skin while wearing.  I actually researched the problem and I saw that sites recommended the liquid bandage to protect your skin from scratches.  You would just apply this product to the areas likely to get scratched by the sequins.  

Travel Notes:  I had never heard of the Vdara before this weekend.  It is right next to the Aria. It really was a lovely hotel.  I enjoyed.  I had the executive corner suite.  The panoramic views of the apartment were breath-taking.  The view was even included in the bathroom.  I literally left the shades up the whole time.  I hope no one was  looking through any binoculars, because they sure got an eyeful.  LOL.  The room had a very chic condo feel.  I would definitely stay there again. 

I know you see the baby hair - Bwawawawah!!! I promise I didn't do that on purpose.

Jumpsuit - MonifC, Shoes - Lane Bryant, Belt - Michael Kors (similar), Earrings - Kate Spade, Lip - Ruby Woo + Viva Glam 1' Lipglass

Now for a parting message. 2014 is going to be all about self confidence. (Thanks to Marie from The Curvy Fashionista who this to me.)  I personally think that ever woman should do this in the mirror EVERY morning!!!  Try it, I bet you'll feel fabulous every morning.