Winter Nautical

plus size flare skirt, Demestiks, African Print
Sorry yall I was a little bit of hiatus.  That flu took me out, but I'm back and feeling much better.  I just want to give out a quick thank you for everyone who joined me for yesterday's #PSPFit meet-up.  It was a great turnout and I'm happy to have been able to meet so many new people.  We had so much fun and a lot of you took home some great prizes and an awesome gift bag (that I was unable to get :( LOL). 

Style Notes:  This was the second thing that I got from my Demestiks purchase.  This skirt is a pretty simple fit, but I did request a few more inches in the skirt length.  The flare skirt's waist band is elastic so go by your waist measurement, but know that if you are off the elastic band should be able to accommodate you.  My flats are Kate Spade and little on the narrow side.  I will be using my (but I haven't yet) my shoe stretcher spray to widen the instep a little bit.  

plus size flare skirt, Demestiks, African Print
Turtleneck - Landsend, Skirt - Demestiks, Shoes - Kate Spade, Belt - Ann Taylor (old), Lip - Lady Danger