New York Fashion Week 2014

I thought I would do some a recap on some of the things I did during fashion week while in New York.  Let me say first that is was insanely bitterly angrily cold.  I'm so glad to be back in Cali.  Anyways, this was me at the Reem Acra show at Lincoln Center.  I got to see the show with fellow blogger, Stylish Curves. I know you guys have seen me in this dress before, but this is like my favorite dress, I've had it for years and when I think of the clothing that represents fashion at it's finest, this dress always is at the top of my list.  Unfortunately, neither this dress or cape is available anymore.  The cape is from Ladan's Closet and the dress is from JIBRI

On to Reem Acra, some of you might ask why I would even cover a non-plus size fashion show.  I could give you the Miranda Priestly answer (LOL), but I think she pretty much had that speech covered.  But for someone like me, I take a lot of inspiration from the runways and from fashion magazines.  Looks and collections evoke a certain feelings from me and inspire me to create these feelings in my own wardrobe and life. I have binders of clippings and photos that inspire me every season. For me, I love the richness of the colors and fabrics of the collection.   I definitely got inspiration from this show on my list for next Fall.  I've pictured some of my favorites looks below.