The Strapless Bra Post

Strapless Bra Guide, Plus Size Strapless Bra
Oh the never ending battle when it comes to finding the a strapless bra.  We search far and wide to find the perfect one.  One that will hold the girls in place without a whole bunch of pulling and tugging.  I did a round-up the strapless bras that I like and I even got imput from fellow blogger, Cece from Plus Size Princess.  I hope this helps you find that strapless bra you've been looking for. 

1. Lane Bryant & 3. Just My Size | Long Line Strapless Bras - The power of any bra is in the band.  With the long line bras you get that extra support with the wider band.  My long line bras are the ones that I have the least trouble with, but the downside is that they can feel like you are wearing armor. LOL. 

2.  Ashley Stewart | A good compromise between a long line and a regular strapless bra.  The back helps with smoothing.  This is my personal favorite. This bra is the truth!! The pricing is under $30 and can even be purchased cheaper on sale or with a coupon.  

4. Curvation | This bra has more of a bandeau design.  I like wearing this bra when I have on something relaxed like a sundress or something flow-y.  This is one is probably the most comfortable out of the bunch. 

5.  Cece's Pick - Bali Convertible |  I reached out to Cece from Plus Size Princess to ask her what her favorite strapless bra is.  Cece is bustier than I am, but her girls always seem to lifted to the heavens.  She says, "They make one that I'd wear every day its so supportive." I'm all for that!