Celebrity Style Capture: Kim Kardashian & Rebdolls $600 Gift Card Giveaway

It's been a while since my last celebrity capture.  I think I gravitate towards the Kim or Khloe Kardashian is because of the body type similarities.  I'm a much larger version, but they are both very hip and booty centric.  Let me just say, when hubby say me in this dress his eyes lit up.  Oh men, they can be so easy to predict. LOL.  Let's just say, he gave me the thumbs up. There was a rule that I used to always follow and it was to never were nudes/beiges just because I'm kind of a beige color and thought it wouldn't work with my skin.  There can be so much value in just trying new things, which is what drew me to this dress from Rebdolls.  It's just so daring and I love a challenge.  This is definitely one of those dresses that people would want to shout, if you are plus size you shouldn't wear this.  Well, I'm plus size and I'm wearing it.  I felt super sexy in this dress and this is one of those dresses that just stop traffic. Sometimes, it's fun to have that feeling. 

With a dress this fun and my birthday on Friday (whoop!), of course we had to do a giveaway.  Rebdolls is giving away (4) $150 gift cards.  This contest is open to US & International residents. It will done similar to the last contest. Entries will be taken through 12am on Oct. 17 on the widget below and I will draw and announce the winner that same day.  I announce via facebook, but the winners are always displayed the widget below.  Good Luck!!!

Style Notes:  Now I know you must be curious as to what I have on under this dress.  This type of dress is when I usually wear two shapers. Yes, I said two.  My readers that have rocked with me from the beginning know that I will do it, if I feel it's going to give me the look I want. You can actually see Kim's shapewear, well I opted from my capri shaper for this one.  I didn't want bubble leg.  I then a spanx high waist long leg one over.   That will help smooth out any bubble leg issues.  Let me just say, capri shapers are like unicorns.  They are so hard to find in plus size.  The one I have is from the Avenue from years ago, but of course it was discontinued.  I scouted out one here, for those who are interested. 

The post is sponsored by Rebdolls, opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Dont let the detractors get you down...although I still wont go skinny dipping at the nudist beach. Some things are still best left unseen.

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