Tips on Flying Comfortably While Plus Sized

So, I wrote a post in the past on flying while plus size (you can find it here) a while back.  I figured it would be a good time to do an update, because some information has changed. I used to be against flying Delta...I mean flat out would pay more money than to fly with them.  The seats were incredibly small, uncomfortable, and my knees where always in someone's back. Now, with the new planes they are my best option.  I always get an aisle seat, the handle on the outside goes up, so once the flight is in the air I can give myself a  more room.  These days I'm flying 90% of my flights on Delta.  My second and third choices are Virgin and American Airlines.  Now American's old planes didn't give you much room, but the new planes are a little more roomy.  The only thing about American is their new plane upgrades are taking forever.  With Delta, I'm almost guaranteed to be on one of the new planes, but on American the chance that the plane is new is about a 50/50 chance.

I will also say it seems that the climate against plus size passengers has changed a bit. I find that flight attendants are a lot nicer when I'm asking for a extension belt and to change seats. I even had one flight attendant come up to me without me asking and offer me a seat exchange where no one was in the middle seat.  I was shocked. LOL. It was on a Delta flight.  

Now if you are flying a connecting flight and you are on what I like to call the air bus then I usually upgrade to the business class seat.  These are usually the flights that are short and less than an hour.  Mine is usually from San Jose to L.A.  Those seats are incredibly small and I'm sure to be sitting in someone's lap.  I purchase that ticket outright because the distance is so short, it's usually only $150 - $200 more.  Yes, the flight is only an hour, but the relief of not have that seat handle imprinted on my thigh is worth it to me.  

People always ask me, "Have you ever had to buy two plane seats or if you've ever been denied a flight?" My answer is no.  In the last 2 years especially, I've probably been on 40 flights, no joke, and on a myriad of different airlines.  I've been fine.  I can say truthfully that in the past I've had anxiety with flying, because I am a person who believes in personal space.  I don't want you violate my personal space and I don't want to violate yours, but with me flying Delta frequently, getting my aisle seat, I've been at ease.  

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