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How I Got My $910 look for $139

Wedding, prom, and those formal occasions are rapidly approaching with the promise of warmer weather. Formalwear always proposes a few problems for me. With formalwear, I usually only end up wearing the item once. Formalwear is usually a more expensive purchase and it can be hard to justify the expense for a one time wear.  Additionally, I have expensive taste. Ha! Always have.

I love beautiful accessories, but the ones I love are can be more like splurge items.  I'm excited to run across the Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription service.  This allows me to rent high end accessories, bags, and formal wear for $139 per month.  You get 3 items a time and can swap those items as many times as you want all month long.  My dress, necklace, and bag all come from Rent the Runway.  The designers that I rented this in my first box come from Zac Posen (bag), Allison Parris (dress), RJ Graziano (necklace).  I remember Bag, Borrow, or Steal from "back in the day" and remember how expensive they were to rent from.  This service is definitely priced right. Even if you don't want to do the subscription service the rental prices are reasonable. I splurge on clutches and jewelry, but it would be nice to not have have storage for everything, have a constant rotation of new items, and save some money while getting access to a lot of the designer goods that are out of my budget. 

Cons for this service - There are a lot of things I like about this service, but I want to share the things that I dislike as well.  The first would be is the selection of plus size formalwear is lacking as compared to their plus size offerings. There are some good selects, but I've known about this service for 2 years plus and a lot of the dresses have remained the same, while the straight size section gets constant updates.  I know plus size formalwear can be harder, but you should know that.  With that being said I purchased this subscription service more for the accessories and handbags than I did the clothing.  Another con is I saw that the dresses stop at a size 22. 

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