7 Things You Need To Know About Riding Bikes While Fat

I've never really thought about my love for riding bikes and spinning. It's just something I enjoyed and did.  I've been doing both on and off for 10 years. Recently, I had a reader comment to me say that her husband (now ex & yes that was shade) told her that she was too big to ride a bike.  He tried it. Honestly, being too big to ride a bike never crossed my mind.  I had some other influx of questions about my bike and riding, so I want to take some times to chat about those. 

Bike seats suck for everyone - I see super skinny guys riding in padded pants. Why? Because they are trying to limit the pain of the seat.  The good news is that you can easily swap out the seat to something more comfortable.  I have a 13 inch wide seat myself and that seat makes a world of difference.

The bike can carry you - I was surprised to see a lot of people don't ride bikes because they think they are too big for one.  I've ridden a Schwinn for years that I purchased at Target and my husband tore it up borrowing it (side) and I'm riding a Beach Cruiser now and haven't had an issue with moving bikes and my weight.  I am on the larger side of plus.  I did ask the owner of an indie bike shop about weight limits on bike. He just looked at me and said, "I've seen people way bigger than you on bikes and they were fine."  So there's that.  Now I may have taken out a peddle or two in spin class, but I want to blame that on a faulty bike.  HA! That's maybe happened 3 times in a span of 10 years.

Add cushion for your butt by using pads during spin class - Spin bike seats are the worst, they can take weeks to get used to and even then they are still rough on the boo-tay. LOL.  It's about to get personal, but I wear those overnight pads during spin class and it makes a world of difference.   Don't use those weak pads either, you want the Always Overnight pads.  You know the ones you could legit float down a river on.  Those! Additionally you can also add a padded seat cover.  

Everybody is not looking at you - Even if they are...who cares.  I saw a reader comment that they were worried about how people would stare if they saw a 300 pound woman on a bike.  Now I have not been the one to let what others think about my life deter me from doing a damn thing. I know for some that can be easier said than done, but with doing anything in life 90% of the challenge is getting your brain to agree to do it. Once you do that, what other people think doesn't matter.

Compression pants are your best friend - I like to wear compression pants during cycling for a few reasons. The first is that creates a barrier between your butt and that seat.  Wearing leggings is find, but the thin material is going to cause more rub. I personally like these from Lane Bryant. The supportive stretch also keeps that your pants from riding up your behind.  

Do what you can do and be okay with that - I love a good spin class, but when I first started spinning I walked out of my first couple of classes early.  Why? Because my butt hurt and I had done all that I can do. There is no shame in that. The same with outdoor biking.  Maybe you can only bike a couple of miles.  That's okay. We all start from some point.  I think it's important that we push ourselves to do our best, but gradually.  

You have to train your butt - This is for spin class. Because I am able to switch out my bike seat for a more comfortable one, this doesn't really apply to outdoor biking. When I have taken a hiatus from indoor spinning it can take up to two weeks to get my butt used to the seat. My process is usually - 1). Go to a spin class 2) Give my butt about 2 - 3 days to heal 3) Go back to another spin class and it's still a little painful, but I can push through.  Usually for me, within a week, I can have my butt back right.  LOL. If you are newbie to spinning it can take a couple of weeks. 

P.S. Dress is from ASOS and is old. It sold out some time ago. Shoes are Steve Madden and over year  old. I linked similar items below. 

Photography Credit: Jesse Campbell

Dress:  Modcloth (similar), Bike: Amazon, Sunnies: Amazon

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