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Simply Pink

What's there not to love about this pink vest? The color is gorgeous and vibrant.  It quickly transitions into a dress.  A dress that you and style two ways, because of the huge collar.  I will often (and I've done this a couple of times on the blog) drape one of the collars and use a brooch to hold the drape in place.  Doing this gives you a nicely draped collar and you can create a little bit of stiffness to that will allow the collar to stand. This is a fabulous staple to add to your wardrobe.

Style Notes:  I got this in a 26/28, mainly because I wanted to be able to wrap this so I could wear as a dress as well.  I got the 22/24 and while that fit, I felt the slit that the wrapping created was a little too high for my comfort.  If I were just going to wear as a vest, I would have gotten the 18/20.  You'll want to note that this item does have stretch.  COUPON ALERT - Use code Garner20 to get 20% off your order with society+.

Vest - Society +, Shoes - JCrew via eBAY, Pin - Amazon (similar), Denim - NYDJ

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