Weekend Casual

I'm a girl who loves my weekend casual.  For the weekend, I want something effortless, comfortable, but still stylish.  I've gotten a lot of requests for more casual looks and looks that incorporate my shirt being tucked out.   This outfit from Kohls accomplishes all of that on a budget.  Whoop! Whoop! I'm wearing pieces from my favorite Kohls collection, J.Lo. One of my favorite weekend wear looks came from that collection.  You can find that post here.  It was an adorable jumpsuit that was great for travel, priced just right, and that garnered me compliments every time I wore it.

I know that casual is sometimes harder to execute than going dressy.  My best advice is not to over think it.  A pair of jeans + a cute top + a printed pair of flats is a formula I always use for casual. To accessorize this look I added a cute little tassel necklace from Kohls, which have been my personal favorite because of the long neck style. It's simple and adds something fun to the look. It's small simple details like a piece of jewelry that can make your outfit more polished.

Style Notes:  The top and bottom both come from the J.Lo collection from Kohls.  I got the top in a 3X and the jeggings in a 24.  The jeans are pull-on leggings. They have that comfortable leggings feel but in a stretch denim.  This piece can easily be worn with a lot of pieces in your closet.  The top is my favorite.  The shoulder detail makes it something that can be worn dressed down, but also dressed up.  I plan to add it tucked into a skirt later.  GET $10 off of $30 with code PLUSTYLE through 6/19.

This post was sponsored by Kohls, opinions are my own. 

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