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8 Tips On How To Beat The Summer Heat

August always feels like the hottest month of summer and those age old questions comes up of how can I exist in my plus size body stylishly in the summer when all I really want to do is be naked.  When the thought of wearing shapewear makes you ill, but chub rub makes you want to fight the air (insert Tre from Boyz in the Hood). After hanging out in Hawaii, trying to figure out a make-up routine that wouldn't slide off of my face, and just trying to stay as comfortable as possible I got a few hacks that kept me cool.

1. Ditch the Shapewear - It's humid and the material that shapewear is made out of makes it impossible for your girl parts to breath.  Personally, I wear shapewear a lot because it prevents my thighs from touching (it's a feeling that I really hate...go figure).  Here are some things you can do  to keep those thighs from chafing:
  • Deoderant - will keep your dry and keep your thighs from chafing
  • Body Glide - I've used this one and it works great and is vegan-friendly.
  • Bandelettes - They are lace bands that wrap around each thigh and prevent your thighs from touching.  They keep you cool because they go around your thigh only.  

2. Polyester isn't worth it - I need all of the cotton in the summer....ALL OF IT!!! I've found time and time again, even if it's an item that is meant to be worn in the summer if it's polyester it's going to make my skin mad.  Save your poly-blend for the cooler months and makes sure you have plenty of cotton tees and tanks.  My favorites are here and here. I stock up on these and wear there all summer with denim and flare skirts.  

3.  Step Up Your Tinted Moisturizer Game -  To have your makeup slide off of your face in the humidity is just a miserable feeling.  It also sucks when your makeup doesn't allow your skin to breathe.  It can be suffocatings.  While in Hawaii, I was trying to figure out a routine that was light, gave me a bronzed glow, but didn't require a lot of product. The products I used are, NARS Tinted Moisturizer (I've also heard good things about Lauren Mercier).  If you slide into Sephora they have a little device that will match your shade for you as well. Let me know if you would like a quick video on this routine.  My makeup is so basic that I always wonder if people really want to see me do it. LOL.

4.  You can literally put deodorant anywhere to keep dry - As a woman, there is nothing worse then the feeling of wetness. You can use deodorant between your thighs, but you can also use them under your boobs and any other creases that you want to keep dry. I have even put it on my feel to keep my feet dry and from sliding in my shoes.

5. Ditch your backpack - I love a backpack.  It's hands free, but it makes my back hot and and sometimes sweaty.  I know that cross body bags don't offer the amount of space of a backpack, but I promise you your body will thank you.

6. Get the hair off your neck - Long flowing tresses are beautiful, but it feels like a fur coat on your neck.  I keep a hair tie, scarf, and a couple of bobby pins on deck for a quick updo.  I've been wearing top knots for years in an effort to keep my hair off my neck.  All you need is a pony tail holder and a couple of bobby pins.

7.  Spa Water Spray - I recently discovered the joy of Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, courtesy of GlossyBox. I'm a person who always gets hot from my face and head.  If I can keep that cool then I can be relatively comfortable.  In long hauls in the airport and me trying to move swiftly is when I can get hot, a quick spray and it instantly allows me to cool down.  It's also safe for your makeup and generally will evaporate without towelling off. I experience dehydration during travel and this is a quick way to give my skin some moisture.

8. Wear Loose Clothing - This is the era of the snatched, but when I tell you I thought I was cute being snatched in Hawaii, my body underneath that dress was hot.  In that climate, although the dress was perfect for the occasion aesthetically, it was not the time to be wearing clothing that wasn't loose fitting.  I even ditch the leggings in hot climates (not in San Jose, because the weather is perfect here). I don't like things being too close to my skin.

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