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Strapless Dreams

The WomenWhoDo campaign by Vanity Fair has been a special one to me. Have you ever heard the expression, "you are only good as your last sale?" So much of my existence has been moving to the next goal, to the next thing and not appreciating any of things that I have done in that moment.  The WomenWhoDo has been a constant reminder to no only Do, but to take the time to appreciate myself and what has been Done.

Acknowledge your accomplishments and celebrate them

I am so guilty of not doing this and downplaying a lot of the things that I have done and even myself. People love to yell at women, "Be humble." I feel like that can sometimes prevent us from celebrating when something good has happened to us because we don't want to seem braggadocios. For me, it took me a while for me to allow my husband to take me out to celebrate, because it just felt like another thing that I got done, but now I let him.  Even if it is just a toast with a couple glasses of champagne, I take to time to pat myself on the back.

Celebrate other women

It feels good to give someone a thumbs up or take them out for a celebration lunch.  I don't live that close to my other friends, but when I see my friends do something awesome, I comment on their social media and say, "I see you, girl." Acknowledging someone can make them feel special and doesn't cost you anything.

Take care of yourself

WomenWhoDo are generally women who a lot for other people and I think we are all guilty of neglecting our needs to take care of the needs of others.  Take the time to take care of yourself. That could mean doing a little meditating, visiting a therapist, doing yoga, or just going that that overdue doctor's appointment.

Find one thing that to do outside of work that you enjoy

For a long time when I was asked, "What do you do outside of blogging for fun?" I was literally stumped.  Since then I make time to do hobbies I enjoy like jigsaw puzzles, coloring, and hiking.  Find something outside of your work and your family that you like to do. It has worked wonders for my stress levels.

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