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Friendsgiving Frock

I take full advantage of the opportunity to wear ornate and holiday specific fabrics during the Christmas season. Give me all the velvet, sequins, and gold fabric you can find. HA! One thing about me is that I love wearing lots of different styles, but I like my style to be appropriate for the occaision, so I tend to limit my sequins wearing to the holiday season.  I wore this to a yummy Friendsgiving.  

Style Notes:  If you are looking for truly opaque tight then these are great. They are lined with fleece, so they are comfortable and keep the wind and cold air from getting through. These are footless, but there are also options with that full foot. It's been a little chilly in the Bay and so they worked great in keeping me warm. In the dress I got a size 24.  This dress is more of a straight cut and usually not a cut that usually purchase, because it's hard to wear with my body type.  Seeing as I could pair this with some opaque types and this dress was wide enough to slide over my hips, I made it work and loved the look.  As always, links to items at the bottom of the post. 

photo credit: Jesse Campbell


photo credit: Jesse Campbell

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