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Relaxed Sparkle

In my book, anytime after November 1st sequins are a full go.  You can wear them throughout the year, but for me, I feel like the holiday season is just when it feel right. I wasn't ready to dive deep into the full slammed out look, so I opted for something a little more casual to ease me into sequins season.  I plan on wearing this sequins duster in a fancier way. It's one of those pieces that I want to wear a few different ways, so I get my money's worth. HA! 

Style Notes:  Just to let the folks know that don't usually come to my site. I link everything at the bottom of the post. The bolded words are links, so if you hover over that with your mouse or finger you should be able to click directly to the item you are looking for.  The jacket I got in a 3x, I wish I would have gotten a size smaller.   The shoulders seemed too wide for mine and the sleeves were really long.  So you tall girls with long arms,  this would be perfect for you.  I'm 5'9 with average leg and arm length.  The jeans are a size 24. Everything is linked at the bottom. I would advise you to size up in the flats. The width was fine, but they didn't seem long enough. 

Jacket: CourtneyNoelle, Jeans: Slink, Shoes - ASOS (they are wide), Top - Target, Hat - Target. Lip: MAC Cordovan

Photography Credit:  Jesse Campbell

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