Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Holiday Gift Guide for him

1. PowerAdd Portable Charger - Awww! This thing is the truth.  You can charge up to two devices at a time. They charge fast and you can get up to four full charges per fully charged battery.

2. Black Chucks - B is all about comfort, so although he's not into clothes, I take the holiday to assess his wardrobe. Get rid of items that are worn through.  Chucks are super comfortable and stylish and a great weekend shoe. 

3. Pullover Sweater - B loves a pullover and this one has a super cute neckline.  He's not into fashion, but I buy his clothes, so I try to squeeze in items with a little more pizzaz than your regular zip-up pullover. 

4. Asus ZenWatch - This is only piece of jewelry besides B's wedding band that I've gotten him to wear. He loves this watch. It's super convenient and his over two years old and works great. Your guy can even swap out bands to give it a more sleek look.  It ties into android phones quite easily for the fraction of the price of the Apple Watch. If you have an android guy then he will love this. 

5. Roku - B loves this thing. It allows him to easily navigate through his various streaming services without a hitch on our television with ease.  I've even gotten used to using it myself.  The remote commando in your life will love this.  Watch your favorite video content like Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, and so many others. 

6. Bose Wireless Headphones - These things are super comfortable. B has these and I wish I would have gotten them. I got the Beats a couple years back (sideeye Dr. Dre) and they are kind of painful after wearing for a long time.  These have memory foam padding on the ear portion, sound great, and are super comfortable to wear. 

7. Playstation VR - For the gamer in your life, this will be B's gift this year. Not to worry he rarely reads my blog. HA! This virtual reality life has gotten good reviews and let's just say that I am happy that they came out with something that B doesn't have this year. He should get a kick of this. 

8. Swiss Gear Backpack - This is a great backpack for everyday life and traveling.  If you guy tends to carry around a ton of techie stuff like mine does he'll love this back. It has multiple compartments, protects your items and is durable. This was one of the first gifts I got B and it took over 6 years for me to need to replace it.  B rides his bike to work, so it gets carried 5 days a week.  The leather detail make it a bit more durable.  It's an awesome backpack. 

9.  Joe's Jeans - B used to call my jeans fake because they had stretch. Well, I got him a pair of these last Christmas and he was in love. He was like I just need 5 pair of these for work.  He will get two new pair this Christmas. 

Buying for B is super hard, but the Playstation VR is saving my butt this year.  I wanted to do a quick guide of things that have been a hit with B or things that I know will be a hit for this holiday. Every year, we usually do one expensive items them a few less expensive items.  I also use the holidays to refresh his wardrobe and get the things he needs.  Do you want to see more gift guides? Let me know. Happy Shopping!   

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