3 Graduation Looks That Will Look Great Under Your Gap & Gown

It's graduation season, and they are happening by the boatloads.  I have had a few readers inquire about what to wear under their cap and gown.  My last graduation was for my masters in 2007 (pictured at the bottom).  I wore a fit and flared black dress from Banana Republic.  I remember loving this dress, but now looking back, I wish I would have worn something with some color.  I think the contrast of the gown with the color looks a bit better.  You can never go wrong with black, but a splash of color would have been nice.

So when I started looking around for dresses, I thought it was going to be super easy.  Eeehhh not so much.  There wasn't a whole lot to choose from.  I'm also putting myself in the mind frame of being in my 20s (I was 26 at the time) and wanting to look young and grown up at the same time.  I picked three dresses.  The first two are from Eloquii.  One that was more conservative, the other a little more flashy, but both work well.  Eloquii's selection is so abundant, and personally, I would check their roster first.  The last dress came from Lane Bryant and was a little more casual.  Interestingly enough, I've seen people go from doing business wear, casual, flashy, and conservative for graduation.  All are appropriate.  Graduation is an occasion where you can put your spin on your look.  The only thing I would look out for is for things that will make the collar of the gown look discombobulated. 

Dress 1:  Eloquii, Dress 2: Eloquii, Dress 3: Lane Bryant, Flats - Lane Bryant, Earrings - Amazon, Backpack - Amazon (similar), Clutch - DIA

Photo Credit: Kaye McCoy

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