Fabulous Cheap Skincare Products

fabulous cheap skincare products

Skin care is super important to me. I plan on preserving it for as long as I can, but I do know that skin care is pricey.  My last skin care post (you can find here) had a lot of my favorites, but I know they were on the pricier side.  Today, I am going to give you some of my favorite skincare products that are on the cheaper side.  Some of you may want to know if I use the other products, when do I have time to use these. Honestly, I tend to bring my cheaper products with me when I travel. If TSA throws any of my expensive products away we might have to fight (just kidding - please don't send that to them LOL).  Also when traveling, I don't want to lose anything or leave something behind.  I feel like I travel for about 45- 60 days out of the year (that sounds crazy, but I do) and it has given me a lot of opportunities to get acquainted with a lot of drugstore/big box retailer brands.  Now let's get into my favs and why I love them:

Why I love it: It's a very gentle exfoliate. I'm kind of heavy handed and have a tendency to over do it when it comes to exfoliating.  This is gentle and has a powdery grain. It's gentle and you won't over do it. Price - $5

Why I love it: This is an awesome skincare item to travel with.  It's a 3 in 1 so you get an eye makeup remover (and I remove my make up fine with it), a toner, and a cleanser all in one. It refreshing and is great at removing the day.  I use it as a mid-day refresher. Price - $14.50

Why I love it: Good night creams are expensive. They just are.  Most of mine range from $50 up.  This one by Pixi by Petra leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized when I wake up in the morning.    This is still a little pricier, but I'm hard pressed to find a good night cream for cheaper. Price:  $24

Why I love it: Great for the summer time when you face seems to produce more moisture it's super light and absorbs quickly.  It also has 15 spf.  Price $6.50

An awesome inexpensive alternative to the more expensive cleansing brushes at only $14. Great for travel if you are afraid of losing your expensive brush.  The brushes are soft so you don't over do it.  You'll want to note it's not electric, you do all the work by hand.  I still think it's a good deal as compared to the $100+ brushes out there. Price $14

Why I love it:  Nice cream cleanser that is gentle on your skin and brightens. Also, it took me 8 months to go through the bottle.  Price: $7.89

Why I love it: Does exactly what it says...it hydrates, which is an area I have trouble in.  You'll want to note it tickles because of the bubbles. Price: $11.89

Why I love it: I cannot use all makeup remover wipes, some have too much fragrance or the wipe isn't soft enough and it irritates my skin. These are soft, great for sensitive skin, and really remove makeup. That can be hard to get all in one. I know people have cheaper wipes, but they usually irritate my skin and that's just not worth it. $6

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