How To Save Your Thighs From Chafing And Look Stylish For Summer

Miami is one of my favorite summer time spots for a quick vacation.  There is a beautiful beach, a great night-life and loads of things to do.  All of this in a very hot and humid place.  It's of those places where you want to skip the shapewear.  Now the Miami vibe is all about having fun in the sun, but also about your personal style and fashion.  I always want to have the right looks when I'm out and about and most of the time that involves wearing dresses.  So how do you keep your thighs safe from the chafe without having something on underneath?  Chafing Relief Powder Gel® from Monistat Complete Care® is how I protect my thighs from moisture caused by the heat and friction.  It creates a silky barrier so your thighs can easily swish by each other.  I've been using this product for 5+ years.  I happened upon it in the drug store one day while I was perusing the feminine product aisle and have had some stashed in my purse ever since. 

This post was sponsored by Monistat Complete Care, all opinions are my own. 
Photography: Christine Michelle

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