Halloween 2017: Fat Mariah

I knew exactly what I wanted to be for Halloween when I saw the Mariah on stage giving you a smidgen of a dance routine. I loved it. I watched it like 100 times. I thought it was hilarious, but I love that Mariah does exactly what she wants to do and how she wants to do. She's a legend. In addition to giving you an amazing voice, she gives you diva in the true sense of the word.

In my younger years, I used to get that I looked like her. I thought with a little make-up I could be her fat doppelganger. It actually took me about a month to get everything together. We even had real practices. Let me just say this little bit of dancing was no easy feat. If you ladies had a fantasy of being lifted, it's not all it's cracked up to be. LOL. I had to keep my legs together, my body straight, and smile all at the same time. The dancers were all awesome and so patient. I had a choreographer, Mooney, who also does fun twerk classes in Atlanta. Check him out.

Style Notes: My costume was by JIBRI. This isn't a normal thing for her as she is a plus size contemporary designer, but she did me a solid. You can find my wig here. My makeup artist was Ashley Langs (she's Atlanta based).

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