Zapping Acne

This post was sponsored by Amazon and Neutrogena.  

Like most women, I have a particular problem with acne right before my cycle hits.  I usually get one to two pimples.  The thing about pimples is that when they come you want to get rid of them right away.  The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask can help you clear your skin by targeting acne-causing bacteria.  For me, when acne appears I was taught not to tamper with a pimple as it can cause scarring and hyperpigmentation.  This mask allows me to play by those exact rules.  I use in this conjunction with the spot treatment in within a few days, the spot is gone. I also travel with this mask as I tend to touch my face during flights and that can lead to a breakout as well. The treatments allow me to clear up my skin quickly. This mask uses light technology that dermatologists use to clear skin.  Don't worry, this is UV light free.  Get 20% off with code: 20BEAUTYDEAL until 2/18.

How to use: So this mask can be used up to 30 times.  For me, my acne troubles are around my cycle, so I am able to get a lot of use s out of the mask.  If you have constant acne using the mask daily would be a better fit.    Make sure to wash and dry your face before using.

Photography Credit:  Ravid Perry