My Closet Makeover

I always get requests to see my closet, but truth be told my closets have never been anything out of the ordinary. Having a ton of clothes in a space that isn't maximized can be an eyesore.  That was the case for my closet.  I moved into my new home one year ago and knew I wanted to custom design my closet.  I saw that a neighbor has his closet outfitted and designed by The Container Store and I was so impressed I decided to do the same.  Now with this in mind over the last year, my closet had become a place where I threw clutter into and to say the least, it was cluttered.  Don't judge me, but I couldn't see the door.  I wasn't even really wearing clothes out of it anymore. It just became tragic storage in my home, but hopefully, you guys won't judge me. I also knew that I would eventually get to organizing this portion of my house and in quick swoop with the help of The Container Store, I did! I did a big purge, donated tons of items, and it felt great.  

The Process

The custom closet design process from start to finish was seamless and efficient.  It all started with an appointment with a design specialist.  In an hour, we had a computerized layout of my closet based on my measurements (they will also come out and take their own measurements) and I had selected the type of storage I wanted complete with hanging racks, shelving, drawers and shoe display.  Then we went to pick out some accessories that included large storage boxes, acrylic displays, and belt racks.  From there we schedule delivery of all the items and the next day the closet was installed. Installation took 5 hours.  The installation process is top notch.  The installer not only installed by closet, but took down my current racks, patched the holes from the rack removal, painted over those holes, and vacuumed the closet floor before he left. When he left all I needed to do was bring in my accessories and clothing. Just a note, but installation is free with a $750 purchase now through June 30th, and that is a huge saving.

The Closet

I'm elated to have this closet. I chose the darkest brown wood they have and love the look of that. I have enjoyed organizing and having a place to put everything.  I love that the drawer bins are deep and provide a lot of space for whatever you want to put into them.  The shoe racks help you see what you own.  With this closet, it makes it super easy to shop my wardrobe and see things that may have been lost in the old closet.  One of my favorite accessories is the box with the clear front. I'm using it for storage of my activewear. It's going to make it easy to grab items to work out and go. Make sure you check out The Container Store’s annual Closet Sale is going on through May 13with hundreds of closet storage and organization essentials 25% off.

This blog post was sponsored by The Container Store, all opinions are my own. 

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