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Girl Bossin'

I feel like whatever important events circle my life, my period likes to make an appearance during that time.  Fashion week my period is like, “Hey girl.”  theCURVYcon my period is like, “Oh you thought I wasn’t coming?”  With this in mind, I’ve had to master the uninvited guest.  I can’t let my period slow down my #girlboss life. In one instance, it was Fashion Week, and there are lots of events to attend.  This particular fashion week I had a brand party to attend in a swanky penthouse suite in a fancy NYC hotel, and this was the last event to a pretty long day.  Impressions are everything, so I’m always going to make sure my look is perfect, and the last thing that needs to be on my mind while I’m networking is my period.  This is why I’m loyal to the Always Infinity with Flex Foam Overnight pad.  I wear them during the day on my heavy flow days, and it allows me to not worry about leaks or my period and allows me to walk into a room confidently without any wardrobe malfunctions.  

Fast forward to this week, theCURVYcon is fast approaching, and I have deskside meetings with major television outlets and fashion magazines including Vogue about theCURVYcon. Yep, you heard me. I said Vogue. I have two full days of interviews and as mentioned above impressions are everything. I have pre-planned my looks, and one of the looks include white pants! That is the one cardinal rule of periods.  You don’t wear white pants!  I’m not worried though. The Always Infinity with Flex Foam pads holds up to 10 times its weight and has left me virtually accident-free. My personal go-to is the overnight pads, which are a size 4 or 5.  Always pads are just so dependable with the technology behind Always Infinity pads, I've found a new product that I love even more and meets the needs of my busy and fashionable life, so much so that I am willing to trust them enough to wear white pants while I’m on my period for one of the most important days of my careers. That’s a testament to my trust in this product. Find the Always Infinity with Flex Foam at your local Walgreens and let them help you not worry about your period. Walgreens is currently having a BOGO 50% OFF off until July 7th, make sure to take advantage of this offer.

Want a chance to win a year's worth of Always Infinity with FlexFoam pads?  Share what life changes you’re experiencing, big or small, and tag #ShapeMyInfinity for a chance to win a year’s supply of AlwaysInfinity.

This post was sponsored by Always, all opinions are my own. 


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