Sundress for the Summer

This post was sponsored by Walmart, all opinions are my own.

Walmart has been my one stop shop for my summer sundresses.  I just picked up another sundress from the Sofia Jeans by Sophia Vergara line, which is one of my favorite lines there.  I paired with a pair of gold heels from their Circus by Sam Edelman line at Walmart.  I've mentioned this before, but these are some of the most comfortable heels I've ever purchased.  I wear them all the time, and in the gold color, you can pair them with anything.  I accessorized with his cute clear bag, which is stadium-friendly.  As always, Walmart has great budget-friendly prices without compromising your style.  

Style Notes:  The dress is super-stretch and can goes to an XXXL.  I would guess the largest size can fit up to a 24/26 easily. My make-up look was completed with Flower Beauty, a Walmart exclusive make-up line.  I used the Ruby Rouge lipstick on my lips and Flower Shimmer & Shade Eyeshadow Palette in warm neutral on my eyes.

This post is sponsored by Walmart, all opinions are my own.


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