How tall are you?


What size do you wear?

I'm a 16/18 on top and 26 on bottom technically.  I wear size 40 D bra. My waist hovers between 39 - 42 inches depending on how "good" I am.  My hips are 63 inches.

What size shoe do you wear?

Size 11, but I'll opt for a 12 if it's more comfortable.  I have a wide instep.

What camera do you use?

My regular camera is the Nikon 1 J1 that is currently in the shop. My back up is the Canon Powershot SX510 HS.  It's super easy to use and makes a great back up.  The photos aren't that different from my Nikon if you are taking them in natural light.  I like the Nikon, but I'm having a common issue and Nikon is giving me grief covering it under the warranty, so watch out for that.  

What shapewear do you wear?

For the past six months I've lived in HookedUp Shapewear.  The fabric is super soft and it doesn't roll down.  I'm about that life. 

What exercises do you do to make your waist small?

I have a naturally defined waist.  My weight, for the most part, goes directly to my hips, butt, and legs.  My mother is shaped like this.  I wish I could tell you that I'm doing some magic sit-ups, but I'm not.  LOL.

Do you have any tips on being a blogger?

Stay consistent - Just regularly blogging and giving your audience consistent content is a huge start.  Stay true to your own voice and get a good camera if you want this to be a source of income.  I sorely wish I would have invested in a good camera in the beginning.  My first blog camera was around $120.  I cringe at the quality of my photos from when I first started.

Do you shop for people?

I started off as a stylist.  The blog was just a place for me to give complimentary style advice.  If you are interested in styling/personal shopping feel free to check out my Garnerstyle stylist website at www.garnerstyle.com.