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Miss Piggy...My plus sized idol

I know it sounds a little crazy, but Miss Piggy was my idol. Watching Miss Piggy as a child I could identify with her. I was always plus sized and had that inner fashionista waiting to burst out. Miss Piggy was everything I wanted to be. She was fabulous when she was a toddler on Muppet Babies…sometimes imitating some great fashion icons such as Madonna. When she came of age Miss Piggy graduated into a more sophisticated style. She would be sexy one minute, trendy the next, and conservative the next. It never stopped with her. She was always reinventing herself.

Another thing about Miss Piggy that I loved is that I never heard her once talk about her weight, put herself down, say she was fat, etc. Miss Piggy was fabulous at whatever size she was and she worked with her figure. She was never a fabulous plus sized woman…she was a fabulous woman who just happened to be plus sized. That’s what I have strived to be and that’s how I cater to my clients.

Miss Piggy was a fashion icon to all little girls...no matter what size. No one could deny her fabulosity. So to Miss Piggy from me....Bravo.


  1. I gotta say i totally agree with you about miss.piggy. She was my idol as a child too. I never saw myself as a big girl until one day when i was sitting in a hair salon and just happened to look over at a full length mirror that captured all of me at once. At that moument i realized that i was indeed a Big Girl. I have lost weight and gained it back more than a few times but i always seem to go right back into a size 18 or 20. ive realized that this is just who i am. just becouse i dont conform to what socciety says is the perfect size doesent make me any less beautiful. I, like you, am a beautiful woman who just happens to be plus size. I am so glad that theres women in the world like you who dont need the worlds approval to be who they are!! You are an inspiration to me and to anyone else who knows your blog. Keep going girl and dont ever let anyone tell you any different.

  2. Kudos to you lady! Miss Piggy is the bomb!!!!

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