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No Cheapassness!

Ok...Yeah I said it. There is a epidemic that is running rampant through the curvy community that we must address! Time and time again I run into the same issues with curvy girls(size 14+). As a stylist and a person who associates herself with fashionable and stylish people I seem to keep seeing the same problem in the curvy girls. They don't want to pay for quality fashionable pieces that would flatter their bodies. I keep seeing women who continue to wear thin & cheap fabric that show every bump, roll, dimple, etc. Now I am all for a great deal believe me, but I think a great deal comes every blue moon not every other day. I understand that to obtain the look I want I must spend money on quality pieces. Our size 0-12 women have realized this (And dont get mad b/c our little ladies are spending money on their clothes i.e. Dolce & Gabana, Prada...etc...and we don't event have designers that close to being as expensive as these), so the Curvy girl should understand this same concept. There are a lot of curvy ladies out their claiming to be fashionistas, but in reality are far from it. All I am saying is come to terms with epidemic and grow from it.

Theories on the epidemic:
1. Maybe these women think they will lose weight, so they don't buy clothes or buy cheap gross looking clothes. Why is this a problem? Because these women aren't getting any smaller...If you have been the same size for 2 years face it...that is your size, so you might as well work with what have and do the best with what you have.
2. A false sense of reality. It takes more material to make plus size clothes, so why shouldn't you cost a more. Common Sense!

3. The idea that cheap is chic. FALSE FALSE & FALSE. Regardless of what price you pay you should always buy a quality product. I have heard people announcing the cheap price of their garment as if they found this phenomenal buy when in actuality the garment and its owner are a horrendous pair. - (And for God sakes people stop announcing the price of your clothes...that cheap ass dress that you bought that you think is hot...ISN'T...period.

So as I step off my soap box if I can help just one person be fabulous my job here is done. Til next time....Tootles:)


  1. This post made my day. There are no word to express so, I will just say THANK YOU. You brought the fire on this one.

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