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Vintage for the Curvy Girl

With the recession underway a lot of girls have taken the vintage thrift store route to try and stay chic, but save some cash. But the Vintage shop could be dangerous and chicless for the curvy girl if you take things too far. With this in mind I would like to give a few tips to help the curvy girl in the vintage shop.

1. Do Not dress in vintage from head to toe! Mix in vintage with modern. "The Little House on the Prairie" is never good. No one should be looking at you and thinking to themselves...their clothes sure look old.
2. Just because it is a "steal" does not mean it looks good. Ahh...the reason that probably most women have crap in there closet that they will NEVER EVER wear or if they do wear it they rant and rave about their $5 dress and everyone is thinking yea it looks like it cost that much. Just because it cost $2 does not mean it is for you. Ask yourself before you purchase am I buying this because I like it or because it cost $2 bucks. Listen to your inner fashionista...she wont let you down.

3. Dont be afraid to try new things. If you are so lucky to find a shop where the owner works in the shop take advice from them. This is their passion. They can give you ideas on what to do with a piece. Curvy girl's especially...the vintage pieces that are over a size 14 are scarce, so you will need to creative if you want to incorporate vintage pieces in your wardrobe. Someone who is an expert on vintage can give you some great advice.

Yellow vintage crops paired with Jibri( off the shoulder blouse, navy blue belt, blue sandals, and purse are from Target. An example of mixing old with new and trying new things. Model Meilee McElroy

4. Tailor those old styles to bring an updated look. This can really transform a piece. You can shorten a dress...go from long sleeve to short sleeve...tailor it to fit your waist exactly. There are infinite possibilities. But be sure to take it to a professional so you will get that polished finished look.

5. Do give that drab dress a try. Look for the potential in pieces. Adding a belt can give a pieces a 360 degree turn from drab to fab!

Vintage fushia shirt dress paired with a belt. Model Chris Middleton.

6. Don't overtrend. Yes there is a such thing as being too trendy. We all know the 80s is alive and well in 2009...maybe too alive and well. Looking like Cyndi Lauper or some 80s skateboard kid is not a good look for a grown woman. Or we even have the people who like to wear a piece from every decade on their bodies at once. JUST STOP IT! Pick one or two pieces and work from that. Look we already know that you are cool no need to try to prove it to us.

Before I leave I must recognize Poor Little Rich Girl located on Main Street in College Park, GA for all you Atlanta Curvy Girls. The owner Wintter Alex knows her stuff and keeps me in fabulous vintage pieces as you see on this blog. She can definitely guide you in the chic direction.

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