Another chick in my dress!!! ~ Plagues of the Curvy Girl - Garnerstyle

Another chick in my dress!!! ~ Plagues of the Curvy Girl

Amerie and Amber Rose probably are about a size 4 a piece, but they do pose a good question. What happens when there is another girl in your dress at a party, a wedding, or any other social event. Even with the fashion world at their feet they still managed to show up in the same dress. And even worse than that what if she looks better than you! Being a curvy girl and knowing there are limited options this tends to happen more times to the curvy girl. I think this may have happened one time in my life when I was in my early 20s and I left the the scene. So how do you keep such a thing from happening? I havent lived in fear of this happening for a couple of reasons.

One, some of the dresses I have on deck are from a few seasons ago. When wearing the major plus size clothing suppliers it is best to save them for later, b/c the latest from Lane Bryant will definitely show up at the weekend soiree.

Two, I'm a little privileged that I have known the plus size designer, Jibri ( for going on 5 years now. She is always ahead of the fashion game. She is innovative, edgy, and most of all I have yet to see a designer create for plus like she does. She prides herself on not mass producing her pieces - letting you know there is almost no chance that a girl will show up to a event with your dress on. I know one skirt in particular - there are two owners - myself and one other girl and she is in the probability that we would show up at the same place at the same time is almost impossible. Every piece I buy is definitely worth every penny if this can be avoided.

Third, I don't wear the same dress over and over and over and over. The more times you wear a dress the more chances you meeting your event twin.

Fourth, when repeating a dress I never wear it quite the same every time. Even if you repeat a dress it should look reinvent it every time so it at least looks different.

Fifth, In the event that you walk into a event and you see your dress YOU SHOULD BE WITHOUT QUESTION THE BEST LOOKING GIRL IN IT. Make sure everything is on point, shoes, accessories, makeup, hair. This way she will probably leave the party...LOL. Ok so its a little mean girlish, but all is fair in Fashion!


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