Michael Jackson: The Day the Music Died

I am just as in disbelief as the rest of the world with the passing of Michael Jackson. He is a legend bigger than life itself in his own right...right up there with Elvis, John Legend, and Marilyn Monroe. I'm sure 100 years + after his death we will still be mimicking MJ. Since this is a fashion blog I wanted to bring attention to that not only has he had an astronomical influence on music, but fashion as well. His own personal style while never conventional ignited millions upon millions to follow the trends he set. Not all of them good, but on the same note what other person could influence an entire generation to get a jheri curl had to have powerful influence. You may be chuckling but you know its true. No matter where you were in the world you could not get away from his presence on pop culture, everyday life, and the world. He still influences many today with iconic MJ pieces, i.e. the one glove, the high water pants, jheri curl, sparkling socks, etc. So in memory of Mike we will pay tribute to his influence on fashion past and present...and the future. Because regardless of whether he is with in the physical or not the energy that he has left with world will forever be here. Basic physics - Energy can neither be created or destroyed. Live on Michael!


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