"If you havent been to a fashion show - Well now you have!" - Rio - Garnerstyle

"If you havent been to a fashion show - Well now you have!" - Rio

Finally a plus size clothing line worthy of NY fashion week! Jibri launched her collection in nothing more than style, sophistication, and class. Some of you may or may not know my close tie with Jibri from model to sales rep. for my beloved clothing line. I've loved this line since it started, but I have fallen more in love with it as I have seen each collection grow and blossom into the fabulous Fall collection 09 that was displayed last Saturday. The collection color pallete was rich with grays, plums, and black. As I watched each girl pass me by oh how I wish it were Fall so that I may wear these lovely dresses. I was there when the line was shot the week before, but I was not prepared to see it in motion. Finally a fashion show where I didnt look at the model and critique them I was looking at the clothes! To be honest I could care less who was wearing the clothes all I know is that each pieces was wonderful and they made me smile. I picture myself

in each piece trying to figure out what pieces I wanted to for myself. The design aesthetic was flawless. The fit was impeccable. Oh finally a designer that gets that I do not want to wear somewhat fashionable fat clothes...It was chic pieces that happened to be made in plus size. Any lady that considers herself a fashionista should have a minimum of 1 jibri dress in her closet this season. Suddenly the chill of the fall and winter doesnt seem so glum with Jibri in my closet.



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