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The Devil Wears Chanel aka Karl Lagerfeld ~ The September Issue

The September Issue opened up this Friday in sync with Fashion Week. This documentary gives an insight to the life of the Ice Queen herself, Anne Wintour, editor in chief of the fashion bible, Vogue. We've seen her, famous for her dark glasses and Chinchilla, but always a mystery. Unless you are in a privileged small circle you would never have known the inter workings of the Vogue or the lady behind every designer in the free world. Although much of her mystique is still in tact, the film gave its viewers chance to really see how the standard of perfection is obtained ~ How you substantially influence the entire world from season to season.

The frumpy yet genius fashion god Grace Coddington and Creative Director of Vogue. She could make a landfill fabulous. I loved her because unlike her counterpart Wintour, you can see her passion and emotion for fashion andn the magazine. Grace brings realness to the magazine and to the life of being apart of the legend which is Vogue.

And last, but not least Mr. Andre Leon Talley, editor at large. He is the epitome of extravagance, ego, and excess that is fashion. Also not to mention, but he is the most entertaining.

Wintour portrayal of herself, does not evoke the hatred that one would expect, but yet an understanding. Her dealings with Coddington are cut throat, but understood. You cannot see the reasoning until when the magazine is finished. Vogue is looked at by the world as the standard for the fashion world anything less than perfect wont do. Not to undercut Coddington's fashion aesthetic, b/c it is flawless, but as you see that she has the eye for the style, Wintour has the finely tuned for the look of the magazine as a whole.
As in my comparison of between reality and the does imitate life.

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