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A hot pair of shoes for $39 per month...count me in!

Ladies want to step up your shoe game. Well Kim is on the way to help you with that. Kim's new business venture allows you to take a survey on your fashion tastes then a team of stylist will recommend you 5 pair of shoes in line with you taste and you can pick one for $39 per month. Can you say....COUNT ME IN! For our budgetnista's this is perfect. By the end of the year you can own 12 hot new pair of shoes. Ladies I have not seen a bargain such as this! The only down part of this is they only go up to a size 10. You know I have already emailed Kim and her team to see when they are going to offer 11s. So all you ladies size 10 and down....IT YOUR WORLD.

Check it out at www.shoedazzle.com and remember be honest on the survey, so you can get shoes that compliment your personal style. Everyone may like the way Rihanna dresses, but everyone cannot pull off the Rihanna look...catch my drift.


  1. I was really torn with this. It sounds fabulous but where would I put all those shoes! LOL

  2. 12 shoes a year isnt too bad...hey you get 1 pair then you have 30 days to figure out where you will put the next pair