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Best Costumes for Curvy Girls

So Halloween is the one time a year where it is appropriate to you ladies to tap into that inner stripper that is inside us all...even if its for only one day of the year. I personally love Halloween and I readily accept the challenge of trying to find an awesome and sexy costume for the curvy girl...mainly this curvy girl. Last year, I was playboy bunny which I though so complimented by new short hair cut last year.
This year I have an even better and more outlandish and sexy costume idea for this year...I hope you are not reading this mom. And I promise it doesnt involve me being naked or even half naked for that matter. But I wont be sharing my costume until after Halloween.

I would like to bring some rules to live by when picking out your super hot costume this year, so that you can make sure that you didnt take things to far.

1. For those of us who werent blessed with nice legs....Halloween costumes are extremely short 90% of the time. Pop some non-sheer leggings on to complete your look to keep from shocking the masses. My bunny costume barely covered my butt.

2. As with anything take inventory of your body type. Buy a costume that best suits that. For me I know that flare skirts or A-line skirts generally flatter my wide hips. For bustier ladies you may want to rethink that strapless costume for something with a little more support.

3. Even though it is a costume you should still wear you body foundations & girdles....smooth is always better.

MSN released an article on curvy costumes that you can check out for some ideas. Here are some of fav. picks on the list. And remember you can always get a little creative with some accessories and use the clothing of your choice...which may be more flattering for you. You can also check out



  1. She looks adorable! Is that you in the bunny costume? This is he first time I've read your blog at the recommendation of La Grand Dame. I just want to say thanks for "keepin' It Real " and offering us big girls sound advice on wearing size and figure appropriate stuff, even for halloween.

  2. Yes this is my last year costume for Halloween. Thanks for the love...and a shout to La Grand Dame for send you my way. We love new followers over here:) I plan to keep the advice coming just for you ladies!!!

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