Knee Surgery just so I can wear 4 inch heels again

Some of you may know but I tore my acl last year through a freak tree climbing accident (dont ask ~ but just know I wont climbing anything every again. But to avoid surgery I was hoping I would heal up ok enough to be back in my heels again, but to my dismay after a year I could only wear up to 2 1/2 inches. Because I love heels and the fashion world and you cant be a fashionista without great heels so I my acl repaired. So for all those girls dedicated to their 4 inches+ heels this is for you. Over the year I have been buying high heels for my closet as a sort of wishful I just hope when I get back into them I will remember how to walk! I actually return to work tommorow after being out for like 11 days.

Also, here is my little dog Nurse Sugar...she makes sure my foot doesnt fall asleep by licking