Lingerie for the Curvy Girl

"You should spend your money on some nice lingerie. Big wool cotton pants, that just doesn't work. You have to feel sexy." ~ Heidi Klum
So yes this quote comes from one of the Victoria Secret Angels, but the woman does have a point. How often do women dress the outside with dressing underneath. How often have you looked in the mirror with your granny panties up past your belly button and thought "There is nothing cute about this." Just the same as when you are wearing something that you know looks good on you, you can get the same feeling from a lovely matching bra and panty set.
I used to work in retail when in college and do bra fittings for a certain retail chain and you would be surprised at women wearing the same bra for YEARS!!! Yes I said years. This one lady had a bra for 4 years, she had eventually removed the underwire, the bra was holding together by a thread and her breasts look saggy and non existent. It was absolutely one the most horrible things I have ever seen and I am a stylist...and I have seen a lot of things. When I did put her in a nice bra to compliment her body and suggested a pair of panties to match, she literally wore the bra and panties out of the store. With that I am trying to say your undergarments, their condition, and the way they look are important....and you don't have to have a MAN or partner for that to be the case, because we all know men tend to try to get to what is underneath within 5 minutes. Do it for yourself.
I have some good general rules for upkeep a great lingerie game:

1. Assess your panties at least twice a year. Women lingerie drawers can be full of panties that are too small, panties that are ripped or have a holes in them, or panties that are just not wearable. Throw them out they are just taking up space. Buy new cute/sexy panties when needed and eventually push out those grannies. One only needs to many period panties.

2. Take care of your bras. Hand wash them and hang dry them.

3. Buy bras that compliment your breasts, body shape, and that you feel you look good. Curvy girls there are so many places to buy from, Hips & Curves, Lane Bryant's Cacique, Fredricks of Hollywood, etc. Even my bustier women are not left out. Finding a cute bra that does the trick as not as hard it sounds.

4. Match your bras and panties when you can....its takes just as much energy to put on something that matches as opposed to something that doesn't match.

5. Granny panties...better left in the drawer and not as your daily regiment. I am guilty of having them too, but you do not have to wear them everyday save them for when Aunt Flo comes to visit. I know they are comfortable, but one of the worst things to see is a women bend over and pick up something and she has a ton of granny panty hanging out the back of her pants.

6. Cotton can be cute too. I have many cotton matching sets that are adorable. Some women can only wear cotton and that's fine.

7. I think every women should have a piece a lingerie, whether it is a nightie, teddy, chemise, and/or cami set. Something that makes you feel sexy and that looks good on you whether you are with someone or not.

8. Thongs are not meant to be seen in public PERIOD.

9. Once a piece of your lingerie tears up....THROW IT OUT....end of story.
1o. Bras that don't fit will unflatter your body...I see it all the time it is not worth it.

Lane Bryant Cacique (I don't care for their clothes, but their lingerie section is great) and Hips and Curves are the lingerie featured in this section. I generally buy my undergarments from them. I have tried many different places, but they have the best fit in my opinion.


  1. I love when Aunt Flo comes to visit. It's lovely to want to cry wearing granny panties when Aunt Flo comes to visit. Which I love when Aunt Flo comes to visit, is that I love too see the waistband of your granny panties and you see the waistband of my boxer briefs.

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