No muffin top, No butt crack, no camel toe - Marie Claire sets aside a couple of pages for the big girl - "Big Girl in a skinny world" - Garnerstyle

No muffin top, No butt crack, no camel toe - Marie Claire sets aside a couple of pages for the big girl - "Big Girl in a skinny world"

Ive been looking at my issue of Marie Claire for about a week now sit on my counter and finally decided to pick it up. As flipping through looking for the latest and greatest I run across an article called "Big Girl in a Skinny World." Miami grown Cuban American Ashley Falcon briefly talks about her background and her struggle on being a "big girl."

More importantly she talked about fashion and how she maintains her fashionista status from her Banana Republic XLs (which I can attest to that you really can get into), to her Christian Louboutins to her YSL bag. Then she goes into what the advice most plus size women are looking for....what to buy. This month she focused on the jeans for her and I love the fact that she has 3 requirements for jeans: 1. no muffin top 2. no butt crack 3. and no camel toe (I hate camel is my pet peeve) 3 great rules to live by. She then gives her recommendations - Levis, Old Navy, & Calvin Klein. Just like that - no sob story about her struggle - just fashion and works for her. What I like about this article is that Ashley is just another fashionista who happens to be curvy. And what is even better is that this article isnt a one time shot - It looks like Ashley might have 2 pages in Marie Claire month to month. Next months article is on "Cocktail Chic and the holidays."
I for one am looking forward to this new section in Marie Claire and you can also catch this article on - But remember pick up the magazine and support - I for one am glad to see someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to fashion for the curvy girl and not just another size 0 stylist picking out plus size clothes that, for lack of a better word,


  1. WOW good news spreads fast, I've already seen post about Ashley's column in Marie Claire on like 3 other blogs and as well as my own. I knew all of us "big girls" would blog about her. In this case the more the merrier, it needs to get back to Maire Claire and other mags that its OK to put big girls in main stream magazine. YAY! for the big girls!!!

  2. Great blog!

    I can't tell you when I last picked up a Marie Claire, but I will say I will definitely be reading them from now on.

    Prissi Chic

  3. @Chunky Curlz - yea its crazy I have a subscription and I was just flipping through and I saw her article...I totally was not expecting to see that in Marie Claire...Im totally siked about it.

    @ Pricilla yes it is def. worth picking up!

  4. Wow, I have not opened my Marie Claire yet, it's time to look.

    Thanks for the great post. I am going to re-post it over at

  5. Yes maam its time to look....Im working on an exclusive interview with Ms. Falcon too(keeping fingers crossed) look out for that

  6. Bravo to Marie Claire for showcasing Ms. Falcon, she rocks! I heard as of yesterday she will be having her own column. Woot-Woot.

    Ms. Tina

  7. @Tina's Daily...Yes maam!...and thanks for the follow...welcome to The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style