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Monif C Black Charlie Jumpsuit Review

I told you guys about a month back that I ordered the Monif C black Charlie Jumpsuit. As a fashion blogger, it's my job to honestly and objectively review fashion so that my readers have an opinion on a garment or line before they shop. we go!

First...I was planning to use this garment as a part of my Halloween costume (A cute and sexy kitty....meeooww!). There is nothing wrong with wearing a fabulous garment that you can wear again as a part of a costume ladies! :) I was super excited to see that the package arrived today. I was ready to get my costume together and to review the highly praised Monif C Charlie Jumpsuit for the Curvy Girl. Remember it from the new ad campaign?

Unfortunately...the Charlie Jumpsuit will be returned.:(

Reason's for the return:

It wasn’t flattering. In my opinion, Monif C’s line is generally more flattering to a woman with a hourglass or a pear shape. I am a pear, so I thought the Charlie Jumpsuit would look great. I felt like I looked like I was going to wash the laundry in my “play clothes.” The garment seemed shapeless with or without the sash. There was really nothing I could do to make work. Note: I would strongly advise anyone who is not an hourglass or pear shape NOT to even attempt this Charlie Jumpsuit.

1. The fabric was not quality. I can literally see through the material. When shopping, we should all look for garments made with quality fabric that compliments the body. If I ever wore this garment without a girdle, the world would see each and every cellulite ripple and stomach roll. Honestly, even with a girdle, the Charlie Jumpsuit still showed every possible imperfection. On top of everything could see right through the seat of the pants. Fabric quality is a major deal breaker for me.

2. The sash that came with the Charlie Jumpsuit was flawed. You could see the jagged edges where the material was cut. I wasn't even going through it with a magnifying glass but I could clearly see that the cut was off with the sash. It wasn’t a major deal breaker, but the sash seem somewhat unfinished in that aspect.

3. It is definitely not worth $200. When I spend $200+ on a single item,I expect quality fabric, a decently tailored product, and something that I am in love with. I never want to feel like I got duped. I have plenty of garments that were priced at $200 + (original price...doesn't mean I don't catch deals! :) and all of them met or exceeded my expectations. Not this one. I feel like this Charlie Jumpsuit by Monif C fell short in all 3 categories. I would like to note that before I bought the Charlie Jumpsuit, I assumed I would have to get the upper portion tailored because of my body shape. I wasn’t expecting a miracle, but I was definitely expecting a better quality garment than what I received.

I am super sad that this piece did not work out and even sadder that I had to negatively review a product, but I did make a promise to my readers to deliver my honest opinion on fashion and I do intend to keep up my part of the bargain. I welcome any comments or anyone's reviews from their own personal experience with the Charlie Jumpsuit.


  1. I think that jumpsuit would look better on someone who's an inverted triangle shape. Since it's more blousy in the legs, I think it would balance them out. I really appreciate what Monif C is doing, because lord knows we need some more stylish looking plus sized clothes. But some things are just simply too much. This is one of them.

  2. It looks like it could have gone somewhere really nice but it didn't. I'm more hourglass but I took a pass cause I was worried I couldn't pull it off.

  3. I love the design of her pieces, but from experience and conversations, she doesn't use the best quality fabric!!

  4. Thanks ladies for your comments. In reference to Anonymous' comment. If anyone bought the jumpsuit and is an inverted triangle I would be interested to see how the jumpsuit worked out for you.

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  6. I know you were unhappy with the product and look, but honestly I still think you could have pulled it off, add some sexy heels and some fly accessories and you would have been on point. Now I will say that I've definitely heard mixed reviews about the quality of some her garments for the price.

  7. @SoulSunshine...Yes the major deal breaker for me was quality vs. price. I do think the concept was cute, but the fabric felt bad and looked bad in my opinion

  8. A friend of mine bought a dress from her a while back--it had a little keyhole in the front. It was a cute dress and it fit beautifully as she had a hourglass figure but i could see STRAIGHT through the dress. It was completely transparent. The fabric was just terrible. Definitely not worth the money.

  9. Aww, so disappointing to hear about the poor quality! I love her designs but there's simply no excuse for bad quality fabric given the hefty price tags!

    I'm sure you'll find something fabulous for Halloween! Good luck!


  10. I am so glad that someone has finally decided to post an honest review of some Monif C pieces. I have to agree with the poor quality of her garments. For the money she is asking for I would expect much more. She does a great job of presenting her line through fashionable ad campaigns and such, but her pieces pale in comparison. Ladies, we have to start expecting more out of our clothing choices and start thinking of it as an investment. Be an intelligent shopper. Do not allow a flashy presentation and poor quality to make you settle for less.
    High Price + Poor Quality = No Sale

  11. Does anyone notice that most plus size clothing stores use crap fabric and/or low quality stitching? Torrid, the buttons always come off quickly and the fabric leaves some things to be desired. I NEVER have luck with stuff from Lane Bryant, which, considering the price, you think would be more well made then that.


  12. @ Tracy....Yes Maaam!!! Im always on the lookout for great quality garments they are few and far in between, but dont give up, they are out there you just have to know what you are looking for. A friend of mine gave me the pointer to look for natural fabrics...wool, cotton, silk, etc. They tend to feel and look the best.

  13. Good advice Garner Style.
    @Tracy - These clothing companies continue do that because we buy into it. We continue making purchases even though the quality is bad. When a new designer comes along that offers high fashion garments that are well made and at the same price point as some existing plus designers, we fail to support them. Why is that?

    1. @Niki If you could direct me to high fashion, well made in this price point, I would be eternally grateful. I know this is 4 years ago but hoped you might know a little something.

  14. thanks for the review, i am actually receiving this same garment next week! i agree that the jumpsuit would look good on an inverted triangle. im sad to hear about the quality. i have never bought a monif c. piece, but i have seen them in person and they always look really nice.
    -gabi, yff

  15. @Gabrielle...thanks for letting me know...I would be interested in your thoughts.

  16. We have been talking about carrying Monif C because it is so popular but I tend to stick with high quality fabrics and brands - hopefully she will start investing in higher quality materials because her styles are great.

  17. Dang I was excited when u made the purchase cause we are the same shape & I wanted to get it for an event.. to read your review has made me sad :(

  18. I thought it actually looked really good on you. But poor quality is NEVER a good look, particularly when you are paying the prices that she asks. I was going to invest in that jumpsuit in teal. I am glad I took a pass.

  19. Thanks for your blog, good information for curvy girls! I ordered the Charlie jumpsit in teal also, and like it alot. I assume I may be what you mean when you say inverted triangle, I am chest heavy with no butt, and I love it. The fabric is what I expected, it feels like similar matte jersey that I usually buy from other brands for the same price. I have a Calvin Klein dress from Nordstrom that is made out of the exactly same fabric weight. I also like how they cut the arms on the jumpsuit, it seemed to be bigger at the top of the arm and smaller by the wrist so it wasn't baggy and fit nice. This is my third Monif C purchase, I also have the convertible dress which I love and I bought the Nelli Ruched dress that didn't really work for me because I think you have to be hourglass for that one, but the quality was still good to me.

  20. Belkis...can you post a picture of you in yours. I'd like to see how it fits a different body type than pear or hourglass.

  21. @gabi - thanks for the the blog...let me know what you think when you recieve it I would love to hear your reviews

    @Belkis - I have a few Calvin Klein dresses of my own. I have never had the issue of transparency of the fabric with any of his dresses and the fabric types are far from similar...just my opinion. I honestly think the fabric content is on entirely two different levels. As far as the other garments you mentioned I have seen and felt the other dresses...the fabric quality wasnt for me and Ill leave it at that. The one dress that I didnt buy from Monif C that I really liked the fabric on was a white flutter sleeved dress she offered this summer. It was a nice heavy and not totally stretchy fabric. I think it was a stretch twill cotton.

    @all Inverted trianges I would love to view your pictures for a possible post I am sure the readers are curious to see what the jumpsuit looks like on another type of body type.

  22. I was thinking of ordering this jumpsuit too but after reading thins I decided to check online for other reviews on the fabric. Unfortunately this was the first thing I found on citysearch. :(

    Don't waste your money, quality is the worst
    by dchbiggirl
    This designer is a fake to say the least! She is hyped up as this great designer of clothing for us big girls and it is the hype that I fell for when I asked my husband to pamper me for my birthday and he ordered 4 pieces of clothing from her website as my birthday gift. On the website the clothes are marketed as high end, high quality clothing and the models look amazing in the clothing however I have worn 2 of the pieces I purchased just twice and one of the pieces once. The convertible dress is ripped at the hem and the ruched dress is ripped on one of the seams on the side. I have another dress that is fraying after just one wash! The fabric is cheap and construction is very poor! The prices are astonishingly exorbitant ! Lane Bryant is even better! These clothes are not even worth $5 each! Never again!
    Pros: Looks look nice on the website pictures
    Cons: Over priced, poor quality, poor construction 6/09

  23. "When a new designer comes along that offers high fashion garments that are well made and at the same price point as some existing plus designers, we fail to support them."

    name names, niki!

    i'm seriously sick of matte jersey, rayon and ponte knit, but honestly those are popular fabrics with plus designers because they are really stretchy, and so will fit more people. i look for knits and blends with low % of manmade fibers but i also know that this will mean more trying/returning, especially for anything fitted like pants.

  24. i totally agree with @anonymous that

    "i'm seriously sick of matte jersey, rayon and ponte knit..."

    i am so over these fabrics..i have pieces i havent worn from kiyonna, etc simply because of it..and not because there were quality issues but simply because i am bored with the fabrics..

    and while i have never purchased a MonifC item, simply because of the above, i still totally appreciate her because she has been at this and seemingly working hard to bring style for quite some time.

    if in fact her goods are lacking in quality, i would say that part of the blame lies with the consumers also because if this quality issue has not been addressed in all this time...hey you get what you get.

    especially if you don't speak with your dollars and wear items simply because they exist and not because they meet your standards..which hopefully involve basic quality control measures..

    like for example there is no excuse for unfinished ends, loose buttons, see thru fabric, etc at any price or saks..

  25. Miss Garner....

    I love you! You know I do... we have had this conversation about quality and fashions available many of times!

    What i find hard as a retailer, fabric and fashion snob (I need these items to last me a long time and fells amazing on my skin), and blogger is THE ULTIMATE fabric, design, and style marriage!

    I have opened with a small about of stock to ensure the pieces I did choose deliver on fit, form, and function!

    Thank you for your honesty, as I would not wish anything less from you!

    Ladies when a designer and/retailer does bring it, we must support and give the feedback so that they can improve upon and continue to bring the fierceness!

    Keep It Curvy!

  26. @Marie. Thanks lady for the expert comment and the appreciation for the honesty. No one wants to be the bad guy.

    I concur with your designer and piece selection...I know your taste and what you are looking for so I know you have really chosen the best of the best!

    Ladies we do have to speak with our dollars matched with feedback to get a product that we want!

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