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Stanky Leg for my Birthday!

Today I am 29 years old, I would like to say as I approach the last year of my 20s it has been a good run. I have worked hard, played even harder, loved lots, laughed a lot, and shopped as if tommorow doesnt exist. I have gained a lot of great friends and am greatful for each and everyone because each adds their special flare to my life, I hope I am fortunate enough to have added something to yours.

Every one that has sent me birthday I so truly appreciate it and even those who forgot and meant to send me a happy birthday its all good because I have a bad memory too.

I wish I could go out and "stanky leg", but unfortunately my physical therapist has advised me against such activities....go figure. so if you are going out this week but a little extra "stank" in it for

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

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