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Torrid is stepping up their shoe game

Torrid has definitely stepped up their shoe game this season. Torrid has shoes by the likes of Fergie, Jessica Simpson, & Dollhouse. Most of us know Torrid for their clothes, I have personally only bought boots from them because they do sell the plus calf size boots. I remember seeing their shoes years ago and just thinking blah, but not this time around. The prices ranges are from 50 to $140. The more expensive shoes are from Fergie herself, which are my personal favorite. Another perk from Torrid shoes as they tend to run a little wider than the medium width shoes you buy from everywhere else which can add for a little more comfort for our Curvy Girls. Bottom line is that Torrid has some Curvy Girl worthy heels for your Fall/Winter season.


  1. AWESOME!! Love the shoes! I just found your blog and FB Page, so glad I did!
    Just wondering though, at 42 would I be silly wearing some of those shoes?

  2. @Michelle I say shoes are always soemthing you can get funky with even if you cant wear a mini skirt have fun...just pick something you think is hot and that suits you!

  3. Love this! Torrid has been seriously stepping up their game!

    @Michelle, I totally agree with the above comment--great shoes look good on any age!!

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