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Goodies on Black Friday

I've been home in my town of Brunswick, GA (Its a small town on the coast - we just got a Target here like 3 years ago) since Thanksgiving, but to say the least there isn't much fashion going on here...LOL...or on me for that matter. I have been on Auntie duty in literally jeans and a t-shirt (gasp) Brunswick is small, so the fashion shopping I wanted to do I had to do online. Shopping for myself took place at Saks and Jibri. Here are the great deals I got!

Needing a dress to wear to the company Christmas party I picked up the Jibri Lucy Cocktail sample originally $120, on sale for $60!

I wanted a chic staple conversation piece so I bought the sample Jibri leopard pencil skirt. The original price was $75, but on sale for $37.

Finally, I wanted to catch the sale at Saks and since there is no Saks in Brunswick, I shopped online and found this cute casual dress by Amanda Uprichard (I'm always in need of cute casual wear) in the Salon Z dept. of Saks. The original price was $255, I bought it on sale for $61.00 and I got free shipping.
Since Ive been home, I haven't gotten much time to blog, so here is a little something to hold us over till I can get back to Atlanta.
I'm interested in knowing what sales everyone else participated in. I am so siked about the deals that I really I am!!! I can wait till these are these come in the mail! Pictures and reviews will be in order Comment and let me know what you got!!!


  1. I'm in love with that dress on you!
    So perfect for a christmas party.

  2. Thanks I am super excited to get the dress...I hope to be nothing less than stunning in it

    BTW love the profile pic...Cuuuttttee!

  3. I love that dress at the top - what amazing fabric and cut. And those shoes - where are they from because I need them in my life!

  4. The shoes with the leopard skirt are really superb, sexy meets sturdy. Whoever does the styling for the Jibri product shots needs to come over to my house.

    Nimli has a 25% off code now so I picked up Bubble Roome triple butter creams, which are the only thing that gets my legs unashy in winter and which I've never seen on sale. I also picked up a few things at Nordstrom at 50% off, Jeffrey Campbell shoes and two Leifsdottir tops.

  5. My budget doesn't permit, but others might wish to check out Donna Ricco's sale -- some of the dresses are a little soccer-mom-y but some of it is a little hipper, e.g.

    This is two accessories away from film noir heroine, imo.

  6. thanks at the anony. going to check out the donna ricco sale to see whats up.

    @ Selena...the shoes are actually from Old Navy believe it or not...i already