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My Naughty Costume

Here is a pic from one of our Curvy Girl readers, Yvette. She looks hot in her flaming chef costume that she bought from and added some fishnets from wetseal. I think this costume is hot...what do you think?

I was naughty this year. I had the issue with the jumpsuit, so I had do a little improvising. This year I was a sexy kitty. used black leggings and an off the shoulder shirt for the base of the outfit. I bought the accessories at a Halloween Store. But you know I do like do something a little special and I did! My collar was the conversation piece at the Halloween Party I attended. I let you read it for yourself I hope I do not offend...LOL. I got the idea from Heidi Klum, she was in Marie Claire last month talking about her extreme costumes. And one year she was a kitty and her tag said property of Seal...well I figured i would take it one step further.

Halloween has come and gone. But I would like some of my Curvy readers to submit photos of thier Halloween costumes.

I would also like to thank Edjah and his friend for having a great party again for the third year. Next year if you are looking for a great Halloween Party to attend check them out at


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