Steal of the Day: Norma Kamali 6 in 1 Convertable Dress - $24.00

Last night I assisted with styling for a fashion show and I decided to try out my Norma Kamali Convertable Dress from Walmart. It would allow me to go from day to night really easily. As I started off wearing the dress with the sleeves on with leggings and a pair of flats. When I went to night I wore the dress with one shoulder belted with a pair of peep toe black booties that I had gotten from Torrid at their $19.99 sale (too cute!). I added a necklace from H&M and a bracelet from Banana Republic (picture below).

I had heard a lot of about the Norma Kamali line at Walmart from friends and finally Ashley Falcon of Marie Claire, so I decided to go ahead to and order to see what all the fuss was about. I ordered the Norma Kamali - Women's All-in-One Jersey Dress for a whole $24.00 in a XXL. I am always hesistate about something too cheap because I'm worried that the fabric will be terrible and unwearable. To my surprise the dress was great. Besides the fact that you get like 6 dresses for $24. The material of the dress was a heavy and thick matte jersey. Even though the dress is the usually stretchy fabric the dress was stretchy (but not too stretchy) but still had shape. This dress is really a steal at the price and the fact that is really a nice go to dress that can be casually cute of tre tre chic.

On a side note I got my Torrid booties in from the $19.99 sale I posted earlier this month. I ordered a purple pair of booties and the black ruffle peep toe booties in and I can I say they are "oh so cute." I hope everyone who ordered liked their order as much as I like mine:)

(Oh and please excuse my naked pics were shot pre-makeup application, so I look a little on the fresh side)