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Your Curvy Girl is blogging for Dorothy Perkins: The Style Society

Dorothy Perkins has just launched a new blog: The Style Society. In which yours truly is blogging for. You can check out the site at Its called the The SCUBA Chronicles.

The Style Society, the brand new style, fashion and beauty blog for fashion lovers everywhere – brought to you by Dorothy Perkins.

They have got some killer treats in store for you, from industry insider tips to voices from the street. Here’s a little about what’s going to be happening over the next few weeks…

Party season is fast approaching and the heavy sighs of ‘what do I wear to the Christmas party?’ can be heard all over the world. It’s great to be able to share all the highs and lows of this exciting time so we’ll be exploring the whole idea of…

Going out, Staying out’

Dorothy Perkins has invited a number of popular fashion bloggers from across the globe – from countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Spain – to take turns to post some ‘Going Out’ stories. Hopefully you’ll get a real taste of how everyone’s idea of a good night out is so wildly different – from the clothes’ girls wear to the places they go. We’re having great fun reading about their adventures and we hope you like them too. Be sure to visit their personal blogs if you like their style!

I will be representing from the U.S. So check it out and dont forget its we have a VIP week this week, which you can get 25% off everything online! Use code - DPVIPJ


  1. dorothy p has a 25% off code just for today; DPVIPD.

    i finally got me that ruffle coat.

  2. @ Tandrika..thanks

    @ I bought that power sleeve dress on the last post