Jibri - Another Black Friday Purchase Review

This is the 2nd review from the items I purchased on Black Friday. I got Jibri Lucy Cocktail for the extremely (as most theft) price of $60. This is probably the best deal I got all year. This dress is made of silk. I think retail a dress like this would cost me between $200 - $300.

It is a lovely silver, has a boatneck neckline (one of my favorite necklines, and has a drop back. ( I would have a taken a pic of the back, but because my derriere can be a little overwhelming...and I don't want to set my self up with pics of that floating around the internet...LOL).

Anywho, can I say the dress is absolutely flawless. Great for most body types, the silhouette is so flattering. This vintage inspired look is sure to catch a lot of attention wherever it goes. It is my pick for a holiday party or even a New Year's party. It makes me happy just seeing it in my closet. I can wait to debue it! I had to take a pic for you guys, for it may be a while til I actually get to wear it. I love a dress that I can have sweet dreams about. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

****Please note that the dress purchased was as a "sample" and I got it on Black Friday which is why the dress was only $60. *****