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My Haircut

I know this isn't fashion related, but my new haircut is the bomb!!!! I little while back I won a gift card to Macy's Salon at Lenox Mall for $150. This was right on time, because I knew I needed a list of thing done. 1. I had to dye some gray out of my hair (My mom said she saw her first gray hair at 24 at this time that is as old as I will claim to be...LOL). 2. I was dire need to getting my ends cut. I had grown my hair since my short haircut last year and had neglected to take care of business. 3. A nice style was in order.

The person who my session would be with was Moses Krell - an adorable little straight (yes...I said straight) guy that looked more like a rock star than a hair stylist. He was so cute I wish I could have put him and my pocket and take him home...LOL...I dont think my BF would have let me so I had to leave him there.

I hate that you guys cant see the awesomeness (yes I randomly make up words) of my haircut, but it is too cute...its a little edgy mixed with a dash of trendy, but not a young trendy, but more of a sophisticated trendy. I love If you are every in need of hair stylist Moses has my vote. He will def. be my new stylist from here on out!:)


  1. I like it! You almost make me want to keep my hair appt today, but I'll reschedule for Tuesday, Favre is about to play.:)

  2. @Pricilla LOL...I hear you about amazing how getting your hair done can make you so happy!!!

  3. your haircut is really cute- love the colour too!