Ralph Lauren for the Curvy Girl

I know everyone is up in arms about Ralph Lauren and severly airbrushed photo of the size 4 model, but I have not decided to boycott, simply because I don't feel offended. I understand the fashion industry for what it is...and industry that potray images that are pleasurable to the eye in order to sell a product.

With that being said I would like to move on to this very lovely Lauren by Ralph Lauren "Thuraya" shirt dress that I bought from Bloomingdales for $130, originally $189. I love, more than anything, buying staples for my closet. I love buying a piece that I know I will have for the next 5 years, because I know that when I really get my money's worth! If I wore this dress for the next 5 years, once per year, I would have paid $26 bucks a year for its wear....now thats a deal! That to me makes more sense than paying for a dress thats $40 bucks that tears up in a year. I encourage people to invest in their clothes that can go from season to season, year to year and not look dated and when properly cared for they continue to look crisp and new.

The material of the is dress is really nice. Its a cotton sateen. If you wish to order this dress I would recommend ordering a size down. I got the 18W so I would be safe, but the waist on the dress was rather big. Other than that the dress looked, felt, and fit great! I plan to transition this dress from the fall (wearing tights and boots) to the spring pairing it with flats or a cute pair of sandals. I have always loved Ralph Lauren for his simple designs. I bought this dress a few weeks ago. Last time I saw it was offered at Macys, Nordstrom, & Bloomingdales.